Before an assignment is undertaken, we conduct briefing meetings with the client to ensure that our clients' corporate objectives and resources are fully grasped and their organisational and strategic issues fully understood. We prepare a detailed job specification and note attributes of the successful candidate. On this basis, we suggest the recruitment strategy that is most suited to bringing the search to the best possible conclusion in the shortest time.

We then compile a specific target list of prospective organisations within which quality candidates work. This list will add to those candidates whom we are already aware of or have met. The list is rigorously explored to identify individuals whose educational standards, business competence and personal attributes closely match the requirements of the task.

We consult with the client before we approach candidates and maintain regular contact at each stage, providing the client with information on the progress of the search and feedback from the market. This allows us to fine-tune the search requirements in the light of current data.

We interview and assess candidates not only for their qualifications, performance, motivation and personality, but also for their ability to be an integral part of a successful team.

We then present the CVs of a short list of 3-5 candidates whom we deem to be the most suitable to the client, together with the consultant's comments on the candidates. We coordinate with the client and candidates to ensure a smooth interview process until the client selects the final candidate.

We expect to play an integral role in the negotiations between a client and his primary candidate. Our relationship with both ensures that misunderstandings are avoided and an appropriate compensation package is agreed upon. We often advise the client on market terms and conditions as part of the formulation of the compensation package.

Our commitment does not end on the appointment day. We maintain regular contact with the client and candidate to help ensure that both parties enjoy a smooth transition into this new relationship.


We aim to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with each of our clients. To this end, we pledge the following:

All information received in the course of our work, whether from our clients or candidates, is held in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed without prior permission;
We limit the number of clients in any one sector in order to provide quality service and a wider scope of qualified candidates;
We conduct all legal search assignments in accordance with ethical guidelines established by the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC).

Our Terms

We offer the flexibility of retained search, contingency placement or a hybrid of both to meet each client's specific needs. Our terms are competitive and consistent with current market standards and practices.